video — februari 17, 2013 at 10:48

High HighWay


High HighWay door Alisa Atlasova | Infrastructuur in Tel Aviv.

A Global city is not only a cities accessibility to the world or it’s financial power to draw people from all over to it, but also it’s uniqueness that differentiates it from other cities, it is the cities localness that provides it with those values that being there is being there and not elsewhere.
Tel Aviv is a city, with it’s unique views, architecture and rhythms. This project attempts to asses the option of a new unique space in Tel Aviv.
The project offers an alternative to a place witch has been forgotten in the collective memory of the city due to it’s becoming a central artery of transportation witch has literally ran over the Ayalon brook and the urban potential it has.
To day the city level is reached by rising from the Highways level to it, the projects action is simple, to the cities level you’ll descend.
The new elevation frees the brook and allows it’s direct connection to the city while creating a great building capacity under the Highways.
The road is not concealed; it is not hidden, or carelessly canceled. On the contrary, the road fulfils it’s potential as an urban object, as an exhibit placed on a pedestal above the city with all it’s dynamic and plastic characteristics accentuated.