Redactioneel — december 25, 2011 at 16:47

Jelle Corstius: elektrische auto’s rijden eigenlijk op kolen


Quote uit de gecachede versie van de link uit Jelle’s tweet:

An electric car is a type of alternative fuel car that utilizes electric motors and motor controllers instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE). The electric power is usually derived from battery packs in the vehicle.
In general terms an electric car is a rechargeable battery electric vehicle. Vehicles using both electric motors and other types of engine are known as hybrid electric vehicles and are not considered pure electric vehicles (EVs) because they operate in a charge-sustaining mode. The debate surrounding electric vehicles relates to the general advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles as compared to other types of vehicles, particularly gasoline-powered vehicles. It also surrounds whether electric cars are a viable component of the solution to the global warming crisis. The debate includes many questions: Are electrical cars clean, 0-emission vehicles? Are electrical vehicles cleaner than gasoline vehicles? How much would they rely on coal-generated electricity? Will cleaner, renewable sources of electricity come on line to supply power to electric cars? Should such cleaner sources of electricity include nuclear and “clean coal”. Are electric cars economically viable? If not, should they be subsidized by governments? Can the electricity grid handle an increase in demand for electricity from electric cars? Are electric cars practical in terms of recharging them, performance, and reliability?

De vraag of een elektrische auto milieuvriendelijker is, is niet eenvoudig te beantwoorden. Er zijn evenveel pro als contra argumenten en studies online te vinden. Iets om tijdens het kerstmaal wellicht nog ff over door te bomen niet waar?