navigatie — oktober 7, 2011 at 11:12

Hoe Steve Jobs *hoest* de auto-industrie veranderde


Gisteren vertelde Alexander NL in #DWDD dat je Steve Jobs nooit recht in de ogen mocht aankijken. Een Apple-medewerker deed dat ooit toen hij met Steve in de lift stond en werd nog voordat de liftdeuren weer opengingen op staande voet ontslagen.

Veders was Steve natuurlijk wel een bijna hele *hoest* ZEN-boeddhist.

More recently with the iPhone, Apple once again changed the rules of the in-car infotainment game. A $2,000 in-dash navigation system? Why would drivers need that when they have a navigation app on their iPhone. And we’re just starting to see the impact that apps, which Apple almost singlehandedly popularized, is having on automakers and their electronics strategy. And the Apple iPad is now putting the nail in the coffin of expensive rear-entertainment systems.

It’s been said that Apple could give a damn about the car, and automakers and suppliers have related stories about how difficult it can be to work with the Apple crew in Cupertino, California. Following the lead of the icon that ran the company over its heady past decade, Apple did what it wanted to do, the rest of the world be damned.